Stop Pushing My Buttons

Stop Getting Your Buttons Pushed with EFT Tapping

Learn more about EFT Story TappingIs someone pushing your buttons?

Here’s a powerful twist on how to use EFT
Tapping to get them out of your head and
control your own emotions.

Isn’t that your best revenge?   

Hi from Gwenn,

We’ve all been there: having people and situations in life that get under our skin. No matter how patient, mature or emotionally evolved we think we are, we respond automatically when we get our buttons pushed.

Use EFT Story Tapping and stop getting your buttons pushedMaybe you erupt in anger and lose control. Or you stuff down your response (with food, drugs or alcohol) while quietly resenting the button pusher. Or sneak around the other person and do what you want to anyway. Or resort to the silent treatment. You’ll show them!

Yes, I’ve tried all these tactics, and can tell you from experience that they don’t often stop the button pusher. If anything, it gives them more power over my life and my emotions.

Worst case scenario, holding in all that anger and resentment will eventually show up in your body as pain. Chronic, intense pain. (Been there, done that).


Now, I’m not talking about the guy who cuts you off in traffic or the rude customer service agent on the other end of the phone. I’m talking about the people you are closest to and the people you often interact with on a daily basis.

Your family, your friends, your significant other, your coworkers – people whose behavior can leave you either feeling elated, happy, loved or irritated, angry, discounted and frustrated.


In the moment, when that button is pushed and steam is hissing from every pore of your being, conventional wisdom says to try these strategies:

  • Tapping helps blow off steam so you do not explodeJUST BREATHE. Count to 100, walk away, create time and space between the action and your reaction. (Easier said than done).
  • LOOK WITHIN. Take the opportunity to discover the root cause of your hair trigger feeling so you can heal them. (More on this later).
  • PRACTICE PEACE: This means having the ability to detach from the incident rise above your emotional reactions. Not so easy until you find a way to re-program those reactions.
  • ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES. Books have been written about this, but has anyone figured an easy way to do so?

What if I told you there’s a simple EFT Tapping technique that practically guides you through the process of taking away the power from the button pushers in your life?

Because every emotional reaction you have comes about as the result of your previous programming.


Stop pushing the danger buttonIt’s simple: Just as pushing certain buttons on your smartphone creates an automatic response, your previous life events have programmed your automatic response when YOUR buttons are pushed.

Why do you respond without thinking? Because the rational mind isn’t involved to the degree than the primal instinct is. The brain computes: this is DANGER, is it safer to fight, flight, or flee?


How do you reprogram your “operating system” and inoculate yourself against these external irritants?


The idea is eerily simple for such an elegant and powerful method that brings lasting results.

I’ve used this technique over and over again with thousands of students and clients to help release emotions that block them from moving forward, and to help them feel more calm, peaceful and in control in similar life situations.

It involves retelling a SPECIFIC EVENT – a trauma, or anytime you felt an intense emotional response such as anger, grief, fear, etc. – and stopping to tap when you get to ANY emotionally intense part of the story. Because each of those intense emotional reactions are what is programming your response today when your buttons get pushed.

Here’s an infographic with the details:

Learn more secrets of EFT Story Tapping


But every tapping technique can hit a point where you stall – and here’s a secret I’ve discovered working with thousands of people since 1998 that can really make the difference between holding on to a grudge and completely letting it go.


One of the strategies I’ve used over the years when this process stalls (say you get to a “3” intensity and can’t move it, no matter how long you tap) is talking to the protagonist in your story while you tap through the points.

What do you say? Whatever you couldn’t say at the time that you wish you could.

Emotional release with talking and tapping is part of EFT Story TappingMaybe it was something that happened decades ago. You were a child and your brain couldn’t understand what was happening. You were in a state of shock and just did to do whatever you could at the time to stay safe and survive. Because you didn’t realize what was really happening, you didn’t know how to respond. But now, looking at the situation, you have a lot to say to the other person involved.

Or you have an ongoing present day situation, and it’s not logical or safe to say what you really want to the other person involved.

Or somewhere in between this spectrum.

The idea is to go ahead and say what you wish you could in that situation. And tap through the points. Talk as loudly and as vehemently as you wish. Curse, even. Let your thoughts and emotions out. And tap.

Use EFT Story Tapping and get a good night sleepAt times, I’ll get my client started, but mostly, you know what you want to say. All that stull that goes through your head when you wake up in the middle of the night? Let it out – and tap.

Tell them how you feel about what they are doing (or did). What you think about the situation. How you wish it could be different. Let ‘em have it.

For some reason, this seems to break through the blocks and helps get complete relief – from the emotion, the pain, and the belief.


You get your power back! And in the world of energy, when people no longer get a reaction from you, they will eventually stop trying to push your buttons… either they move on to someone else, or best case scenario, their energy changes too.

Take control of your peace of mind with EFT Story TappingEFT Story Tapping helps rewire those automatic responses in the brain. Which stops those stress hormones and fight-or-flight chemicals from being released. You really can take the time to breathe and detach from the situation, look within and tap to change your reaction to one of acceptance and peace, and energetically create boundaries.

Best of all, you stop waking up in the middle of the night, plotting little evil plans to set someone straight, why not use EFT Story Tapping to deal with button pushers in a healthy, positive manner? That is your best revenge : – )


PS Want to learn more ways you can use EFT Story Tapping to boost your tapping results? CLICK HERE and learn how to graduate from mechanical EFT to tapping mastery.

PPS Please share this information with those you think would benefit. The more people clear their blocks to success, the more abundant the world will be!

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