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DESCRIPTION: Tired of not getting the fantastic results you want with EFT Tapping? Learn how to take your tapping to the next level overnight using the EFT Story Method… even if you never know what to say while tapping, often get stuck in the process, or have never had those miraculous results tapping on your own!


Hi from Gwenn,

You’ve probably heard of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), when unpleasant leg sensations stop a person from relaxing enough to get to sleep.

But but have you heard about Restless Tapping Syndrome (RTS)? That’s when you jump all around with your tapping, overwhelmed by everything you need to address, not sure what to focus on to get relief.

Or maybe you do make some progress but then your results stall and total, permanent tapping success eludes you.

So you feel frustrated and inept with the entire tapping process.

Tack Charge of The Story of Your Life with EFT TappingWhether you are a novice at tapping or an experienced EFT’er, knowing how to get the most from Story Tapping will help you finally break through those blocks and stop repeating unhealthy patterns, or “stories,” in your life.

This is one of my most favorite methods to use with clients, and the exact process Jessica Ortner interviewed me about for this year’s Tapping World Summit Expert Bonus.

In this live workshop, I’ll take a few minutes to go over the EFT Story Method, then we’ll spend most of the time tapping. You’ll learn how to become more comfortable with your tapping, how to get those “miraculous” results, feel more relaxed and even release physical pain.

You’ll even find out how to use Story Tapping to pre-program your future success.

In fact, here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this incredible workshop:

• What is EFT Story Tapping? How does it work?

• How do you decide what story is running your life?

• How do you figure out what to say while tapping for your story?Register now for EFT Tapping success

• What to do when you don’t feel any emotional response to a past event you keep playing over and over again?

 How to use tapping to stop replaying those unhealthy patterns in your life

• What to do when it feels too emotionally intense and you’re afraid to start tapping

• How EFT Story Tapping is often instrumental in releasing physical pain,

2 ways to incorporate Inner Child Work into the Story Tapping process for real results,

• How to use “Talking and Tapping” to get the anger and resentment off your chest and out of your life,

The exact steps to take to write a new story and become the master of your own destiny

… and much, MUCH more!

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Gwenn Bonnell

EFT Tapping Expert
Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell has been practicing and teaching EFT Tapping and Energy Medicine since 1999, holding workshops in the Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida area and offering consultations worldwide.

An expert presenter of the online Tapping World Summit since it’s inception, Gwenn is also a presenter at IGEEM (International Gathering for Eden Energy Medicine) Conferences, is a member of the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), and holds certification as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner from it’s founder, Gary Craig.

Gwenn has also trained in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and was one of the first to incorporate Energy Medicine into an EFT practice.

She offers personal EFT phone consultations worldwide and monthly live workshops in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. And if you can’t make the life workshop, order the downloadable recordings and handouts now at the pre-registration price, because the price increases once we go live!

Purchase Your EFT Story Tapping Videos Now

YES! I want the EFT STORY TAPPING Videos, Audios and Handout for only $97.00 $47.00