Spring Cleaning For Your Soul: Is Regret Holding You Back?

Burst Forth with Spring Energy

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If you’re feeling that pull to begin a new project, or finish an old one, but can’t seem to take the next step, maybe you’re stuck in the energy of regret.

Here’s how to let that regret in the past and spring forward like a flower bursting through a concrete sidewalk if it must…

Hi from Gwenn,

Are you feeling the pull of spring energy, swelling with new ideas yet wondering why you still feel stuck?

Realize that the more emotional w-e-i-g-h-t you carry, the longer you have to w-a-i-t for the seeds you sow to spring up through the layers of dirt.

Letting go of that emotional weight can be the surge of energy you need, just like the flowers bursting through concrete.


Maybe it’s the energy of regret that is stopping you from moving forward. And it may not be what you think: What if it isn’t regret about the challenges you’ve had in your life, or regret about the unsettling situation you might presently be experiencing, or regret about what didn’t happen in your life that is keeping you stuck, but rather the regret about the outstanding events of your life?

This was made clear as I was tapping with a client this week. We began tapping on the regret she felt as  a result of negative life events… the regret of not being able to express herself in ways she wanted, which began with a childhood experience.

Funny thing is, as we tapped and cleared those layers of regret, what arose was the regret that she wasn’t able to consistently recreate the positive experiences of her life.

Was that the “core” regret keeping her stuck?


Let’s see if I can explain what I mean…

Regret is regret. You might experience it as sadness, as disappointment, or by feeling sorry about something that you did or didn’t do. You might regret something that has happened or been done, or feel regret about a loss or a missed opportunity.

If regret is holding you back from experiencing happiness and moving forward with your dreams, the universe will continually give you opportunities to heal by bringing up situations that bring up that emotion.

While on the surface, you feel regret over certain situations you experienced or are experiencing, or you have regret about seemingly “negative” things you did, or regret the steps you weren’t able to take or still can’t take today, using EFT tapping (or any other method) to clear that regret may lead to a deeper issue: Regret that you are not living the fabulous life you know you are meant to live. Regret that you are not sharing your gifts with the world.

Unfortunately, the universe feels that regret…

And the discourse becomes, why give her more of that fabulousness when she still feels regret about it?


The answer: Completely release regret and tune into the awesome energy of GRATITUDE.

How? By accepting all your experiences and absorbing the wisdom from each experience, you leave regret in the past.

By being grateful for all your experiences, especially the ones that leave you awe-inspired, you open the door for the universe to bring more awe-inspiring events into your life.

So do your homework: Identify your regrets (past and present) and use EFT tapping to accept your regret, absorb the wisdom from your experiences, and create a morphological field of gratitude for all your experiences – especially the fabulous ones.

And watch your energy levels rise, giving you what you need to almost effortlessly birth – and nurture – your ideas and projects, moving forward with vision and determination, sharing your brilliance with the world and creating a fabulous life!


If you feel the need to do some more emotional spring cleaning, join me for a LIVE WORKSHOP here in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday, April 8th, 11:30 AM at Your Big Picture Cafe in Davie.

This is an EFT Tapping Workshop where we’ll be identifying what’s holding you back, tapping to release regret (and any other emotion), and tapping into the power of the energy available this time of year – because the world needs you to burst forth like a flower through cement!

REGISTER HERE and join us next Tuesday. Or if you can’t make it live, CLICK HERE NOW and you’ll get the audio replay at the discounted pre-registration price.

Learn more at womenthatheal.com/eft-emotional-spring-cleaning

I’m looking forward to tapping into a more fabulous life with you!

Love & light,

PS What is your biggest regret? Let me know how you’re using EFT and turning that regret into fabulousness in the comments below!


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