The Four Energy Thumps

The Four Energy Thumps

In an Energy Slump? Use this routine to RECHARGE your batteries, JUMP START your energies, ACTIVATE your immune system, BOOST your metabolism, and DETOX naturally.

Hi from Gwenn,

Here’s a reminder about an Energy Medicine 101 technique that’s a must in your self-care daily routine. Use it first thing in the morning, and anytime you feel your energy slump!

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The Four Energy Thumps













Step 1: RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY by Tapping Under Each Eye

The Stomach Meridian

The Stomach Meridian connects you with the Earth’s Energies

Tapping under the center of each eye on the cheekbone stimulates acupoints on the Stomach Meridian. This meridian, or energy pathway, travels down body and off the 2nd toe. By tapping under the eye, you are connecting with the earth’s energies – something we do less and less of as we get more and more into the technical age.

Plug Into Earth Energy

The Ultimate In Green Energy!

This is the ultimate in green energy because it helps you plug your electrical body into the earth’s magnetic energy. It’s literally recharging your batteries 🙂

Think of when you feel the most balanced, grounded and nurtured and I bet it’s remembering an experience you had out in nature. A picnic in the park, hiking in the mountain or feeling the sand under your toes at the beach.

It’s important to spend time outdoors every day – and to use these tapping points to connect with the earth’s energies.

STEP 2: JUMPSTART YOUR SYSTEM by Tapping Under the Collarbone

Find these points at the end of the Kidney Meridian by finding where the head of the collarbone protrudes on either side of your throat. Bring your fingertips down a bit below the bone and out to either side. You’ll feel a dip between the collarbone )clavicle) and breastplate (sternum). That’s where you want to tap or massage.

Walking should be energizingThumping or deeply massaging these points under the collarbone jumpstarts your system by getting the energy moving forward through ALL the meridians. If you find it a struggle to put one foot in front of the other, you know you REALLY need this! Thumping these points on a daily basis will stop you from ever getting to that point!

The more you stimulate these points, the more healing energy your body can access. Not only do these points clear the chest cavity and open up respiration, they also counteract stress and balance the thyroid. So get thumping!

STEP #3: A QUICK ENERGY BOOST by Thumping the Center of the Chest

Thump Your Chest for a Quick Energy Boost

Thump Your Chest for a Quick Energy Boost

Think Tarzan and the Apes and do the Tarzan Thump!

The Thymus is a long, skinny gland in the center of your chest and is responsible for boosting the T-cells in your immune system. When you’re sick, the Thymus shrinks, and if it’s totally shriveled you’re probably dead. So you can’t stimulate this enough!

A great affirmation to repeat as you thump the Thymus is: “My life energy is high! I am full of love! I have love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage.”

STEP #4: BOOST YOUR METABOLISM by Massaging Between The Ribs

Boost Your Metabolism with the 4 ThumpsThese points under the breast between the 7th & 8th ribs are known as the “Spleen Neurolymphatic Points” and help metabolize food, release toxins, boost your immune system and balance blood chemistry and electrolytes.

If these points are sore, massage them for a few days to release toxic build-up so thumping isn’t so painful.

The effects of massaging the spleen Neurolymphatic Points make the Four Energy Thumps a must-do around mealtime, especially if you’re feeling sluggish or tired after you eat!


Try this routine first thing in the morning to get your day started on a positive note. This is a wonderful self-care routine anytime during the day you need an energetic pick-me-up, especially around mealtime. I’ll caution you, however, not to do the Thymus Thump before retiring for the night (speaking from experience LOL).

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Love & light,

Gwenn Bonnell


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