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Welcome to Tap Away Pain

Welcome to WomenThatHeal.com.

If you’re a women in the healing arts field, you know that while we find it easy to be compassionate and caring for others, we often ignore taking care of ourselves.

And if you own or work in a transformational business, you might feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. You might be so busy working in your business that you have no time to work ON your business – and even if you did, you have no clue where to spend your precious time to get maximum results.

Maybe you are busy with clients and customers but your income doesn’t seem to be affording you the freedom and lifestyle you would like.


When I first hung my shingle as an alternative health practitioner in the late 90’s, getting clients was easy. Even though I didn’t have a website, I was even getting clients from the internet.

Are you a woman with a healing practice? Do you have a transformational business (or want one) but feel blocked getting your message – and your healing – out to the world?

Then you know the double whammy we face: Society expects women in business to earn less, to be more cautious than confident, and to nurture others instead of creating an extraordinarily successful career. As healers, we often struggle to find credibility and respect. Has anyone ever asked, “When are you going to get a REAL job?”

You don’t have to struggle and feel alone. We have lots of knowledge, expertise and talent among us.

Let’s put our heads and hearts together and create a safe, sacred community providing inspiration, emotional connection and professional support with the end goal of running wildly profitable and sustainable businesses.

We invite you to join, and let us know the #1 roadblock you are facing right now! And if you can help someone in the group with their roadblock, let us know that too!

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