What I Forgot to Tell EFT Tappers: How to Vaporize Unconscious Resistance Before Beginning EFT!

What I forgot to tell you...

Hi from Gwenn,

Ooops, something important I forgot to mention in my last blog post “Get More Energy Now: The Top 4 Tapping Points for a Quick Energy Boost:”

If you’re a tapper – using EFT for yourself or others – then you’ll want to know why using the Four Energy Thumps BEFORE an EFT tapping session can supercharge your tapping results.

[NOTE: This is a recap of my Tapping Insider’s Club interview about “How To Boost Your Tapping Success.”)

Tappers talk a lot about “reversals” and “limiting beliefs” literally blocking tapping success, or stalling progress. But here’s the problem – you have to KNOW exactly WHAT these reversals and beliefs are to address them with EFT tapping.

But what if you took a minute or so to get your energy flowing in the right direction, overcome any unknown resistance you might have about healing (you know it’s there if tapping isn’t working), and neutralize that nasty human fear about change…

Enter the Four Energy Thumps. In just a minute or so, this process gets you grounded, gives you the energy you need to move forward, conquers negative emotions that are holding you back from healing, and helps you easily and comfortably assimilate how your life will change because of your tapping success.

Donna had been trying to lose weight for years, using affirmations and tapping with little or no positive results. She knew that her chronic soreness and muscle pain was a result of not exercising. Worn out and tired of the struggle, she was at the point that she didn’t see the use in tapping anymore, let along getting outside and walking to help loosen her muscles, burn calories and raise her spirits.

When I tested Donna, we found that the energy was flowing backward. No wonder she didn’t like walking! Putting one step in front of the other was tiring because she was walking AGAINST the flow of energy in her system.

Of course, she could walk backward and that would be congruent with her energy flow. But what would the neighbors think? Luckily, there is another solution : )

Thumping – and I mean really THUMPING, not just tapping like we do with EFT – both collarbone points while taking three deep breaths connects with the meridian system in a way that supports the natural energy flow through the body. In other words, it get any energy that is flowing backward to start flowing forward through your entire meridian system.

That is a huge energetic correction – simply by thumping both collarbone points. You can support the process even more by crossing your arms at the wrist while thumping these points.

How do you know you need this correction? If walking forward tires you, if it seems a struggle to get through the day, or if you seem to take two steps back for every step forward, you need it.

My best advice is not to diagnose whether you need this correction – just do it anyway!

The same for the rest of the energy thumps. Even without knowing how to test them, if you’re energy seems “off,” or if you’re not getting the success you want with EFT tapping, or if you’re under a lot of stress, just do it!

FYI, here’s what’s happening in the energy system with each points:

The Four Energy Thumps

Click on Chart for Print Version

The UnderEye point, the 2nd point along the stomach meridian. If fear or stress goes straight to your stomach, these points are for you! Tapping under the eye on the  cheekbones helps ground your energies when you feel disconnected, helps you find your rhythm when you feel stressed, overwhelmed or worried, helps you trust there is  more than enough when you feel deprived, and helps you release thoughts and emotions you just can’t “stomach.”

The Collarbone points are the endpoints of the Kidney meridian, and are very important points for your life energy. Affecting these points supports the natural energy  flow through all the meridians (See above).

The Thymus Thump in the center of the chest not only wakes up your immune system and gives you an energy boost, it overcomes that often subconscious will we have to  block ourselves from healing (think self-sabotage). Feeling negative and living in fear saps the energy we need to heal, and thumping the thymus helps build life energy and a  more positive outlook.

• Thumping the Spleen Neurolymphatic points helps rid the body of built-up toxins (as does tapping the collarbone/kidney points) along with helping the body to metabolize worn-out blood cells to create brand new blood cells. These points also affect the energy of the pancreas, which metabolizes food, emotions and experiences.

We all feel that fear of change – even if we’re unhappy where we are, we might be unhappier where we are going. And why do we do EFT tapping? Because we want to change something in our life. By thumping the Spleen Neurolymphatic points we help our energy system and our psyche assimilate the changes that will happen with EFT tapping… along with releasing toxins and supporting a healthy metabolism… all positive effects!

Back to Donna. At the beginning of the session, her “tired of the struggle, I don’t see the point in tapping” rating was about an 8, and her energy level about a 2 (on the 0-10 scale).

After the Four Energy Thumps, that was reversed: Her energy level was now about an 8, and her “I don’t see the point” was about a 2.

That was BEFORE we even started the EFT tapping process!

Do you always have to do this before tapping? No – but if you get stuck, throw it in. And if you’re addressing a long-term stubborn problem, such as chronic pain, addiction, or weight, you probably need it. If you’re working with someone who has tried tapping but is stuck, experiment with the Four Thumps and see if it’s just what they need to boost their success with EFT.

To your tapping success,

Gwenn Bonnell




P.S. I’ll tell you a secret – even in I don’t do any other energy routine during the day (which is very rare) I’ll do the Four Thumps. Am I a “glass half full” gal? Yes! Are you?

P.P.S. If you didn’t read the previous post, check it out at tapawaypain.com/get-more-energy-with-the-top-four-energy-points/

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