EFT Tapping and Energy Medicine Workshop with Gwenn Bonnell

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The Easiest, Fastest and Most Effective Method to
Make Your Affirmations Come True!

Transform Your Life with the Temporal TapHave you ever found yourself not getting the results you want from using affirmations, no matter what the issue?

Or worse yet, the problem you are trying to change gets worse?

So what’s happening?

On a conscious level, you WANT the affirmation to come true in your life.

But if it’s not, then you probably have unconscious conflicts that are blocking you from changing your life condition.

And if those conflicts are present, what you are actually affirming is the negating self-talk!

There is hope for you!

In fact, you’ll be surprised at how EASILY you can override your mind’s resistance to change.

You don’t have to be a psychologist… in fact, it helps if you’re not!

You just need to know a simple way of tapping (and it’s NOT EFT) that’s been used for thousands of years to make the mind extremely receptive to spoken suggestions and affirmations.

I’m sharing these secrets in the TEMPORAL TAP Workshop.

In this powerful program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create SPECIFIC affirmations to improve ANY area of personal functioning in your daily life, including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social (including relationships), and occupational.
  • Determine if those affirmations “Ring True For You” of you have self-talk (or beliefs) negating the positive statement.
  • Release any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs so you are tapping in the positive.
  • Use the exact ins-and-outs of the Temporal Tap process so you get immediate results… I’m talking hours or days at the most.

The Temporal Tap is an ancient energy technique that clients and student have been using for decades to create healthier, more joyful lives.

If you’ve been using positive thoughts and intentions WITHOUT getting the results you want, it’s not because of low will power.

Thoughts need ENERGY to become form.  Sometimes the body’s energy system needs a subtle shift too.

The Temporal Tap is a surprisingly powerful way to support human intention and personal will with energy – the energy needed to bring your affirmations into reality.

Join me while I share what I learned years ago: The EXACT STEPS to making the power of the Temporal Tap help you create automatic change with affirmations to make your wishes become true!

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PRESENTED BY Expert Energy Therapist, Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell

EFT Tapping Expert
Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell has been practicing and teaching EFT Tapping and Energy Medicine since 1998, holding workshops in the Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida area and offering consultations worldwide.

An expert presenter of the online Tapping World Summit since it’s inception, Gwenn is also a presenter at IGEEM (International Gathering for Eden Energy Medicine) Conferences, is a member of the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), and holds certification as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner from it’s founder, Gary Craig.

Gwenn has also trained in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and was one of the first to incorporate Energy Medicine into an EFT practice. She has also studied Touch for Health (Applied Kinesiology), Small Animal Acupressure (Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis), and the Acupressure Mastery Course by Michael Reed Gach.

If you didn’t make the live workshop, order the downloadable recordings and handouts now and catapult your success with affirmations using the Temporal Tap!

for the amazingly affordable PRICE of only $47.00 $35.00

“My partner started the Temporal Tap for her business two days ago. Surprisingly from the very first moment she started the tapping queues of clients were waiting for her services after some quiet weeks! Superb! Woooow!”
– Alfred S., Germany

“Thank you for the Temporal Tap… here’s what happened to me just a couple of days after beginning the process: I was working on having enough money to pay the bills, to put some in savings and have money left over for play. It wasn’t more than 2 days later and my husband calls me to say that he got a raise! Go figure! Thanks again, Kathleen”

“Yesterday I did the Temporal Tap and my life changed dramatically. I did the procedure in the morning and my energy level shot sky high and I was able to do a lot of work, my joint pain significantly lowered much and I have peace of mind that I can’t ever remember having. The EFT Tapping helped me some, but my best experience came when I meditated and did the temporal Tap!”
– Roger P.

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