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The Secrets That Got My Blog Ranked #1 in GoogleAre you an  online entrepreneur with a website or blog that’s getting lost in Google search results?

Believe it or not, it’s not rocket-science to get ranked higher in Google.

This video  replay of a live presentation explains exactly HOW I GOT MY BLOG RANKED #1 IN GOOGLE for two different search terms – within three weeks of startup – and without spending a dollar on adwords!

I Couldn’t Believe It When They Took Down My FaceBook Post About How I Got Ranked #1 in Google!

A couple of months ago, I made a few comments in a Facebook Practitioners Group to answer the question “Can anyone make a good recommendation on how to launch a website that can be found with “search words?”

I explained the three steps I took to get #1 ranking for my brand-new blog. I didn’t even check the Google rank of the blog until I saw the Facebook thread… and to my surprise it was ranked #2! And I did nothing fancy – just common-sense stuff. The next day, it ranked #1 on Google!!!

The banter went back-and-forth in the Facebook group. Questions asked, questions answered. The next day, I wanted to capture the “three steps” off-the-cuff comment I made, since it seemed like I knew what I was talking about…

But when I went back to the Facebook group, I couldn’t find the thread! The original post, and all comments had vanished. Gone. Kaput.

But now I’m sharing the EXACT strategy I used for all to see…

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• What the different Google Search Results mean and Why You Don’t Have to Pay for Adwords

• Why It’s Best to Focus on Google and Not Worry About All the Other Search Engines

• Exploding the Myths: What the Experts Don’t Want you To Know…

• Common Sense SEO: 3 Simple (and Evergreen) Steps to Follow for Higher Visibility in Google

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PROOF These Common-Sense, Evergreen Tactics Work – Real Life Examples To Inspire You

• and much, much more…

Don’t worry if you don’t understand “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). This video debunks the SEO language and lays out the simple steps I used with a downloadable Checklist you can use over and over again because it’s based on common-sense tactics that work!

If you have a webmaster or have been approached by SEO “experts” then you know you can easily pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in an effort to get on the front page in Google, often without success.

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P.S. Isn’t it time you commit to your online business success as a healer?

Face it. Mainstream marketers often don’t understand what we as healers do let alone how to market our services. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing what works for me as a transformational coach and business woman…

I’m committed to your success. If you’re serious about sharing yourself and your services with the world, then you’ve got to get a handle on how to do it through the internet. That is why I’m sharing my secrets with you. Even though you could use them to outrank me on Google! This is your chance to get noticed and make a difference!

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