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“TAP Your Resolutions Into Reality”

EFT Tapping to Create Your Power Vision for Success

Presented by Gwenn Bonnell

TAP into Success

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 TAP Your Resolutions Into Reality

Mentioned in the Workshop

• A Quick EFT Tutorial:

• EFT Tapping Charts:
(We used the Shortcut Tapping Procedure)

• Free 11-Part Audio Tutorial about Using EFT To Tap Away Pain:
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Jon Gabriel’s Total Transformation Package for Weight Loss:

(Includes ebook, video tutorials and audio visualizations)

• Jon Gabriel’s 21-Day Meditation Weight Loss Challenge:

• Gwenn Bonnell’s FREE 21-Day Tapping for Weight Loss email series:
(You can use this along with Jon’s 21-Day Challenge or on it’s own)

• The Temporal Tap: