How To Change Wimpy Affirmations Into Magnetic Mantras For Success

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Magnetic MantrasAre Your Affirmations More Like Fractured Fairy Tales? 

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Hi from Gwenn,

 The other day I got an email from a reader asking advice about his affirmations to attract more money. His list started off with:

• My income is constantly increasing.

• Money flows easily into my life.

• I am making at least 5 new sales every single day.

• The Universe always supports me

• I constantly do everything necessary to establish an immediate positive flow of money in my life.

While these are all positively-stated affirmations, I suspect he’s not getting immediate results or else he wouldn’t be emailing for my advice.


My first instinct as I read through the list of 20 affirmation was “Fractured Fairy Tales!”

When she was quite young, my sister played the star character in “Little Yellow Rain Jacket,” a take-off on “Little Red Riding Hood.”

If you’re not familiar with Fractured Fairy Tales, they are a parody on the original stories, changing the plot, the point-of-view, the characters, the outcome, etc. in some unexpected way.

My point is, if you’re struggling with too many affirmations, goals, or resolutions, especially if you keep setting the same ones year after year, chances are your energies are too “fractured” to make progress.

You’re not getting the results you desire. Your affirmations start feeling more like fairy tales than reality.

Here’s the deal: You CAN focus on more than one goal at a time, but it’s more important to state ONE SPECIFIC affirmation per goal WITH FEELING than it is to use 20 affirmations while not being sure if you’re doing it right.

Because the universe is going to pick up on that doubt, and interpret it as you being doubtful about what you are stating.


Let’s dissect the above affirmations:

My income is constantly increasing: All the universe has to do is send you $1.00 more each day (or week, or year) to fulfill this one.

Money flows easily into my life: Again, no stated amount. Also, money could just as easily flow out of you life…

I am making at least 5 new sales every single day: I would at least add the words “wildly profitable” sales…

The Universe always supports me: So true!

I remember one gentleman whose office phone was eerily silent… no new orders… and he felt totally overwhelmed. His overwhelm was about how to pay his expenses with no income coming in, but all the universe understood was that he felt overwhelmed, so it wasn’t going to send him any new orders and overwhelm him any more.

After we tapped away that overwhelm feeling, the very next day his phone started ringing off the hook. That was in March, and business picked up so much that he was named “Franchisee of the Year.”

That is how important your intense emotions are in activating the Law of Attraction!


Let’s look at  one more example from the emailer’s list:

• I constantly do everything necessary to establish an immediate positive flow of money in my life.

If every part of his being really believes this, it would already be happening. So there must be a part of his mind (or energy, or subconscious) that is negating this statement.

A classic “reversal” that once targeted with EFT Tapping, can easily be cleared.

Common reversals are, “I’m not good enough,,,” “I don’t deserve…” or “It’s not safe to…”

The statement “do everything necessary” may be triggering a reversal if the self-talk replies, “No you’re not,” of if the internal emotional reaction is one of tension and resistance.

EFT Tapping to target such reversals until one can state “I constantly do everything necessary to establish an immediate positive flow of money in my life” and feel excited and confident and full of love for one’s endeavors will turn this limp affirmation into a mantra for success!


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Keep tapping for heath, vitality and prosperity!
Love & light,

PS Please pass this along to anyone you know who is in that cycle of making resolutions – breaking resolutions: you might just turn their life around!

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