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“Write and Publish Your Kindle Book Part 1”

Bonus Tapping Script

Presented by Gwenn Bonnell

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EFT Tapping Script for Writing A Kindle Book

Prepared by Gwenn Bonnell

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NOTE FROM GWENN: The following EFT Tapping Sequence is transcribed from the “Writing and Publishing Your Kindle Book” Workshop, and addresses the concerns voiced by the workshop participants.

While these may or may not be your particular concerns, you will “Borrow Benefits” by tapping along.

Of course, you can always refer to this script as a guide while tapping to address the specific emotions you have about being an author, or when using EFT to neutralize any negative self-talk you hear when you think about writing a book.

Be creative, get tapping, and get typing!


Karate-Chop-PointKarate Chop (KC): Even though I have this problem writing a Kindle book, even though it seems so easy I don’t think it would work for me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this problem even getting started writing the book, I keep putting it off because it wouldn’t work for me, I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive myself for having the gall to think that I could write a Kindle book because I didn’t go to school to do this.

Nobody would buy it and it would just be a huge failure and it wouldn’t work for me. I don’t want to be so negative, I want these negative thoughts out of there, I want to be able to see myself pulling up my book on Amazon and seeing all these great reviews and seeing all these people buy it. And knowing that I am helping people by sharing my message with the world.

Eye Brow (EB): It just wouldn’t work
Side of the Eye (SE): It just wouldn’t work for me
Under the Eye (UE): It might be easy for other people
Under the Nose (UN): All those other people are on the internet selling Kindle books
Chin (CH): But it wouldn’t work for me
Collar Bone (CB): They all went to college to learn how to write
Under the Arm (UA): But I didn’t
Top of the Head/Crown (CR): It wouldn’t work for me

EB: And I’m even scared to startEFT Shortcut Tapping Points Chart
SE: It’s so overwhelming
UE: To think of everything I have to do
UN: And it wouldn’t work for me
CH: So why even get started
CB: What if nobody bought it
UA: What IF nobody bought it? What would that mean? Would that mean I’m a failure? Or maybe it’s just a way to learn how to write another bookナ
CR: I didn’t learn how to ride a bike the first time

EB: Sex wasn’t even that good the first time
SE: The first meal I cooked wasn’t that good
UE: A lot of things you have to learn by doing
UN: Maybe it’s the same way with writing a Kindle book
CH: At least I don’t have to spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars up front
CB: And get rejection slips from publishers
UA: I can be my own publisher
CR: And if the book is not working I can take it off Kindle and write a better one

EB: Maybe it’s just a way to get feedback from the market place
SE: As to what works and what doesn’t
UE: As to what people want and what they don’t want
UN: As to what I can help people with or what I can’t
CH: Maybe it’s just a way to hone my skill
CB: By getting a book up there on Kindle
UA: Doing it first and revising it later
CR: Because Kindle makes it easy to revise

EB: And I don’t have to spend thousands to get the first one up there
SE: Lots of people don’t even read books they buy anyway
UE: I got a lot of books on my shelf I didn’t read
UN: And I paid good money for them
CH: So even if it doesn’t work
CB: I’m just like all those authors that are sitting on my shelf
UA: Those authors that I bought their books and didn’t read them
CR: But they’re authors

EB: I deserve to be an author
SE: I have a message that I can share
UE: I have a way that I can help people
UN: I have ideas and I even have a lot of notes
CH: I just need to put it together
CB: Maybe it will be a transformational process
UA: Learning how to write a kindle book
CR: And getting it published

EB: Making changes if I need to
SE: Improving it
UE: Just like I’m a better cook than I was at 17
UN: I can be a better Kindle author
CH: By writing 3 or 4 or 5 books
CB: Learning what works
UA: Feeling good about myself
CR: Writing even if I didn’t go to school to write

EB: Writing even if I’m afraid nobody would buy it
SE: Writing just to share my message
UE: Just to get the momentum going
UN: Just to make it work
CH: Getting started feels so good
CB: I can feel how proud I feel seeing my book on Kindle
UA: I can feel how excited I am to write another one because that was easier than I thought
CR: I can feel how excited I feel when people read my book and hear my message and feel their transformation.

EB: I’m actually doing myself a disservice
SE: By telling myself it wouldn’t work
UE: I chose to believe that it would work
UN: I can make it work
CH: Look at all of those hundreds of thousand kindle authors
CB: Who made it work
UA: I deserve to be one of them
CR: It’s exciting to think that I can be a kindle author too!

Take a Deep Breath.