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5 Steps to Setting Successful Goals

5 STEPS TO REACHING GOALSAre you getting results from your affirmations? If not, you’ll probably end up joining the 92% group who don’t keep their resolutions.

Setting goals, writing them down, and checking your list daily isn’t enough to turn your affirmations into reality. In fact, it just might be the exact wrong way to go about the process! Here’s the 5 steps that will speed up your results FAST!

Hi from Gwenn,

I just read an article on, where he talks abut why 92% of people who make resolutions don’t keep them. Specifically, he was talking about weight loss goals, and he said: “Instead of vowing to lose a set amount of weight, you’d be far better off making a decision to improve your overall lifestyle. Normalizing your weight and improving your health will come as natural outgrowths of this.”


His answer? A 10-step process:
1. Drink water.
2. Eat protein.
3. Eat healthy fats.
4. Exercise.
5. Address your stress.
6. Get enough sleep.
7. Get enough Vit. D.
8. Get a healthy gut.
9. Grow your own food.
10. Eliminate toxins.

Overwhelmed yet?! Healthy goals, for sure, but just reading this list sets off lots of negating self-talk in my brain (and I even have a garden)! I can just feel those energy reversals popping up! Talk about setting yourself up for failure…


Make Resolutions Real Fast!Take a deep breath – there’s an easier way to set any goal, no matter how lofty, without listing them on a piece of paper, saying to yourself this is all wishful thinking, and telling yourself you’ll never get to that ideal state.

Whether you want to a fitter body, a healthier bank account, a more exciting relationship, a more fulfilling job, or a more gratifying spiritual life (or all of these), here’s the real 5-step process to manifesting any goal:

S = State SPECIFIC goals in affirmative language
P = PSYCH your goals with high vibration emotional energy
E = ELECTRIFY your belief and ELIMINATE self-sabotage
E = EXPECT it to happen
D = DAILY action steps build momentum to your big-time end goals.


For faster results, here’s the secret:

1. Be specific about WHAT you want. And here’s the secret: State it in AFFIRMATIVE language, not just positive statements, so you are focusing on & attracting the outcome you really want.

Resolving to “lose 20 pounds” might seem like a positive statement, but it focuses on “20 pounds.” Instead, focus on a fit and healthy body, or wearing your skinny jeans, or whatever being fit and healthy means to you.

2. Get psyched about it! Charge it with high-vibrational emotional energy. Imagine how exciting it feels to slip on those skinny jeans, how much energy you feel in your body, and how much fun it is to do any physical activity you choose.

As opposed to the anxiety or overwhelm you feel when focusing on the extra weight. This is where EFT tapping helps release those anxieties and fears and replace them with the love and excitement you feel about reaching your goal.

This where you create your power vision, combining different goals into one vision, charging it with emotional energy and action, because the subconscious believes action.

3. BELIEVE it – this is where EFT tapping is so handy to reprogram limiting beliefs and correct energy reversals that are notorious for self-sabotaging behavior.  Once you plug into the electrifying energy of belief, and vibrate belief in your vision through every fiber of your being, the universe will move heaven and earth to make it happen!

4. Expect it to happen: Having FAITH, being able to “let go and let god” is easy when you use the energy of gratitude. Every night, feel DEEP gratitude for something in your life, then instantly transfer those feeling of gratitude to your power vision and let your subconscious take over manifesting it while you sleep.

5. Take the proper ACTION to make it happen. These are the smaller action steps you do on a daily basis that build momentum and prove you’re getting results. Just DO IT and your big-time end goal will be here before you know it!

So throw out that list of “ideal” goals and get real. Specifically affirm exactly what you want, and get psyched to reach your goal. Tap into the high vibration emotional energy that magnetically attracts your goal to you. Electrify your belief and eliminate self-sabotage, expect results daily, feel grateful for what’s happening in your life, build and maintain momentum, and enjoy the process!


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Keep tapping for heath, vitality and prosperity!



PS Please pass this along to anyone you know who is in that cycle of making resolutions – breaking resolutions: you might just turn their life around!

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