EFT Tapping Workshop with Gwenn Bonnell
Recorded Live May 13, 2014


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Exactly How To Use EFT Tapping
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DESCRIPTION: How To Set Your EFT Tapping on Autopilot AND on Steroids at the Same Time.

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Hi from Gwenn,

If you’ve ever wondered what to say while tapping, or don’t have much success following pre-written tapping scripts, or get less than optimal results when tapping to release toxic emotions, then you’ll love this workshop I put together just for you!

Because I’m sharing the specific technique I developed to help you quickly and easily find better targets for your tapping, dramatically improve your tapping results, and never have to wonder what to say while tapping again.

Heck, I even show you a Step-By-Step Blueprint where you just fill in the blanks and your tapping statements practically create themselves!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover in this incredible workshop:

• What are EFT Tapping Statements and why don’t the same ones work for everyone?Boost Your Tapping Success

• How do I pick the right EFT Tapping Statements for my issues?

• Do I need to get to the “root” of the problem for tapping to work?

• What if I can’t identify my emotion?

• What if I can’t rate my intensity level on the 0-10 scale?

• Do I always have to follow a script or work with a practitioner to get results with EFT?

• Can tapping for toxic emotions release physical pain?

• What’s the difference between “global” tapping and “specific” tapping and do I need both?

• How will this process improve my relationships?

• How can I use this blueprint for money problems?

• What if I don’t want to revisit toxic experiences from my past?

… and much, MUCH more!

DON’T MISS THIS BREAKTHROUGH WORKSHOP to finally free yourself from toxic emotions for a healthier, happier, more abundant life!


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Gwenn Bonnell

EFT Tapping Expert
Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell has been practicing and teaching EFT Tapping and Energy Medicine since 1999, holding workshops in the Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida area and offering consultations worldwide.

An expert presenter of the online Tapping World Summit since it’s inception, Gwenn was also presents at the IGEEM (International Gathering for Eden Energy Medicine) Conference, is a member of the ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), and holds certification as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner from it’s founder, Gary Craig.

Gwenn has also trained in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and was one of the first to incorporate Energy Medicine into an EFT practice.

She owns the information-rich EFT website www.tapintoheaven.com and specializes in using EFT Tapping for pain. Order her Blueprint for Tapping Success now for ONLY $97.00 $47.00 and start clearing those toxic emotions from your life!

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