Stop Procrastinating with this EFT Focus and Finish Tapping Audio and Script

Stop Procrastinating with EFT Focus and Finish Tapping

Focus and Finish EFT Tapping Audio and Script with Gwenn Bonnell


Here’s a quick EFT Tapping Sequence to help you stop procrastinating – use this FOCUS AND FINISH EFT Tapping Audio and Script before tackling any task and you’ll find yourself easily and quickly crossing the finish line…


Hi from Gwenn,

How many times do you sit down to do something and the phone rings, an email comes in, or you get caught up in ‘shiny object’ syndrome and that chunk of time gets wasted? Here’s a tapping sequence I used years ago to help me sit down, get focused, and finish the task at hand.

I found this gem from my ‘Tapping into Attracting – How to Clear Reversals and Stop Self-Sabotage with EFT’ workshop from 2011. Tapping never goes out of style, and this quick EFT FOCUS AND FINISH Tapping Sequence may be just what you need to stop procrastinating and propel you across the finish line!

EFT Shortcut Tapping Points Chart


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If you’re not familiar with the EFT Tapping Points, you can download the charts at – we’re using the ‘Shortcut’ version of tapping here. Or you can go through a quick EFT tutorial at


Karate Chop (KC): Even though I really want to get this done today quickly and easily, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I had problems in the past staying focused and finishing things quickly and easily once I start them, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I allow myself to stay focused on this task.

I choose to totally immerse myself in it and stay in the present moment and allow myself to quickly and easily finish this efficiently and do a really good job at it too. 

Top of the Head (CR): I have this to do today Use EFT Focus and Finish Tapping to Cross the Finish Line

Eye Brow (EB): And instead of putting it off

Side of the Eye (SE): I choose to start it right now

Under the Eye (UE): I choose to do it efficiently

Under the Nose (UN): And to put all my effort into it

Chin (CH): And to stay really focused until it’s done

Collar Bone (CB): And to get it finished quickly and easily

Under Arm (UA): And to do a fantastic job at it and pat myself on the back when it’s done!

Take a deep breath.


If there was any self-talk, or any “yes-buts” that came up while you were doing the tapping that is stopping you from getting started, then keep tapping until you start your task at hand.

You can get specific – if you have to make phone calls and you’re hesitating, insert “make this phone call” into the language.

If you have to write a blog post or a chapter for your book, insert that language into the tapping sequence.

Use EFT Focus and Finish Tapping to Get it Done and Check it Off!Use this tapping sequence to silence the inner critic and even better, turn that voice inside your head into an inner coach.

Because your coach is the one who’s going to tell you that you’re doing a good job.

And make sure you pat yourself on the back when the job is done!


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Love & Light, Gwenn


PS What did you use Focus and Finish Tapping to accomplish? Please share in the Comments below – you’ll never know how you inspire others!

PPS If you know anyone who could use Focus and Finish Tapping, please send them along to this web page

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