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How To Decode the Pain Messages from Your Body:
Advanced EFT Tapping Workshop

Tapping & Recap (61 mins)

Presented by Gwenn Bonnell

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Gwenn Bonnell is not a trained psychologist or therapist, rather a personal performance coach. During this seminar, she demonstrates and shares with you very powerful personal improvement techniques. Gwenn Bonnell cannot and will not take responsibility for what you do with these techniques.

You are required to take complete responsibility for your own emotional and/or physical well being both during and after our session. Don’t use these techniques as a substitute for proper medical care or to try to solve a problem where your common sense would tell you it is not appropriate. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other health-care providers. Rather, they are intended to help you cooperate with your physicians and other health professionals in a mutual quest for optimal well-being.

By absorbing the information on this page, you are agreeing to and complying with the above statements.